Tungsten Disilicide WSi2 sputtering targets CAS12039-88-2

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WSi2 targets

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Product Description

 Tungsten Silicide WSi2 ceramic sputtering target

Purity: 99.5%

Shape: Discs, disks, step disk, delta, plate, sheets or made per drawing

Diameter: 355.6mm (14") max.

Single piece Size: Length: <500mm, Width: <250mm, Thickness: >1mm, if larger size than this, we can do it as Tiles joint by 45 degree or 90 degree

Made sputtering targets method: hot pressing (HP), hot/cold isostatic pressing (HIP, CIP), and vacuum melting, vacuum sintering

Tungsten silicide (WSi2) is an inorganic compound, a silicide of tungsten. It is an electrically conductive ceramic material.

Tungsten silicide can react violently with substances such as strong acids, fluorine, oxidizers, and interhalogens.

Molar mass: 240.011 g/mol
Appearance: blue-gray tetragonal crystals
Density: 9.3 g/cm3
Melting point: 2,160 °C (3,920 °F; 2,430 K)
Solubility in water: insoluble


It is used in microelectronics as a contact material, with resistivity 60–80 μΩ cm; it forms at 1000 °C. It is often used as a shunt over polysilicon lines to increase their conductivity and increase signal speed. Tungsten silicide layers can be prepared by chemical vapor deposition, e.g. using monosilane or dichlorosilane with tungsten hexafluoride as source gases. The deposited film is non-stoichiometric, and requires annealing to convert to more conductive stoichiometric form. Tungsten silicide is a replacement for earlier tungsten films. Tungsten silicide is also used as a barrier layer between silicon and other metals, e.g. tungsten.
Tungsten silicide also finds use in microelectromechanical systems and for oxidation-resistant coatings.
Films of tungsten silicide can be plasma-etched using e.g. nitrogen trifluoride gas.



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specification︰ Silicide Ceramic Sputtering film coating, evaporation materials.
Label︰ Tungsten Silicide WSi2 Ceramic Sputtering film coating, evaporation materials.

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