Titanium Carbide TiC sputtering targets

Titanium Carbide TiC sputtering targets CAS 12070-08-5

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Titanium Carbide (TiC) sputtering targets 

Purity: 99.5%

Sputtering Targets : Diameter: 355.6mm (14") max. 

Single piece Size: Length: <254mm, Width: <127mm, Thickness: >1mm, 

if larger size than this, we can do it as Tiles joint by 45 degree or 90 degree


Titanium carbide, TiC, is an extremely hard (Mohs 9–9.5) refractory ceramic material, similar to tungsten carbide. It has the appearance of black powder with the sodium chloride (face-centered cubic) crystal structure. As found in nature its crystals range in size from 0.1 to 0.3mm.

Titanium carbide is used in preparation of cermets, which are frequently used to machine steel materials at high cutting speed. It is also used as an abrasion-resistant surface coating on metal parts, such as tool bits and watch mechanisms.Titanium carbide is also used as a heat shield coating for atmospheric reentry of spacecraft



used for cutting tool material additives, and metal bismuth, zinc and cadmium molten crucible, preparation semiconductor wear-resisting film, HDD capacity memory device. Is an important part of the hard alloy, used as a metal ceramic, can also be used to make cutting tools, steelmaking industry used as deoxidizer.

Molar mass: 59.89 g/mol
Appearance: black powder
Density: 4.93 g/cm3
Melting point: 3,160 °C (5,720 °F; 3,430 K)
Boiling point: 4,820 °C (8,710 °F; 5,090 K)



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Label︰ Titanium Carbide TiC sputtering targets

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Titanium Carbide TiC sputtering targets Titanium Carbide TiC sputtering targets

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