Rare earth Metal



TYR supply Rare earth sputtering target,  Rare earth evaporation material,   Rare earth nano-powder, and some rare earth ceramic and crystal.


Cerium (Ce) metal, Ce/TREM:99.5%, 99.9%, TREM:99%

Dysprosium (Dy) metal—Dy/TREM:99.9%, TREM: 99%

Erbium (Er)-Er/TREM:99.9%,TREM:99%

Eur (Eu)-Eu/TREM:99.95% and 99.99%, TREM:99%

Gadolinium (Gd)-Gd/TREM:99.95% and 99.99%, TREM:99%

Holmium (Ho)- Ho/TREM:99.9%, TREM: 99%

Lanthanum (La)-La/TREM:99.5% and 99.9%, TREM:99%

Lutetium (Lu)- Lu/TREM:99.99%, TREM:99%

Neodymium (Nd)-Nd/TREM:99.5% and 99.9%, TREM:99%

Praseodymium (Pr)-Pr/TREM:99.5%, TREM:99%

Scandium (Sc)-Sc/TREM:99.99%, TREM: 99%

Samarium (Sm)-Sm/TREM:99.9%, TREM:99%

Terbium (Tb)-Tb/TREM:99.95% and 99.99%, TREM:99%

Thulium (Tm)-Tm/TREM:99.99%, TREM:99%

Ytterbium (Yb)-Yb/TREM:99.99%, TREM:99%

Yttrium (Y)-Y/TREM:99.9% and 99.99%,TREM:99%


Shape: Granules, chunks, Plate, Foil, Discs, Rod, Ring, e.t.c

Purity: 99% to 99.99%

Round Dia<300mm dia, L<1000mm x W<300mm



offering sputtering targets, evaporation material, rare earth metal, rare earth oxide, chemistry reagent


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